First Multidisciplinary Congress on Pelvic Floor Diseases


Dear Friends,
It is our pleasure to invite you to join us in Pisa
for the First Multidisciplinary Congress on Pelvic Floor Diseases. This innovative event will offer a platform for interactive discussion for all the different specialists that have an interest in the management of pelvic floor diseases.


“A new type of event where to the pelvic floor diseases will be discussed in a true multidisciplinary manner.”
All those who work in this area appreciate the complexity and the tight interconnection
of symptoms and functional disorders that characterize pelvic floor diseases.
However, there is no scientific forum where these issues are discussed in a true multidisciplinary manner. This is why we have decided to organize this new type of event, that will convene the foremost world experts within all the specialties, with a setting where discussion and interaction will be the primary goal. What we want to achieve is to see the problems with new eyes, to be able to ask and explain to colleagues with different expertise how we are challenged in our daily practice of pelvic floor physicians. And we want to do this at the highest scientific and clinical level.
This is why we have decided to call the Congress “Pelvic Floor Diseases 2.0”, to underline its innovative philosophy and multidisciplinary edge.

The congress will offer symposia where key opinion leaders from different areas will develop hot topics that are relevant to all pelvic floor physicians, thematic satellite symposia and interactive video sessions, along with the pleasure of an entertaining social program.
Pisa is in the heart of Tuscany, well reachable by air and ground transportation, and offers some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world, along with museums, restaurants and a lively evening life…

We hope to see you in Pisa for this exciting new event to enjoy the beauty of Tuscany and to have the chance to interact closely with the top leaders in the field, embracing the innovative multidisciplinary and interactive edge that pelvic Floor Diseases 2.0 offers!
See you in Pisa!
Gabriele Naldini, Tommaso Simoncini