4th Portsmouth TME symposium

Dear Colleague,

Portsmouth Colorectal is organising an international symposium on
rectal cancer surgery (4th Portsmouth TME symposium), which will have
live operating and lively debates on contentious issues surrounding
rectal cancer surgery. There is a fantastic speaker line up including
Prof Heald, Prof Wexner, Prof Lacy, Prof Choi and many more.

On behalf of the organising committee, it is my pleasure to invite you to the:
4th Portsmouth TME Symposium, 9-10 March 2018 (pre-symposium courses on 8/3/18)

Please find attached the flyer for the meeting. Or follow us on
Twitter @4thTME18 or Facebook page: “Portsmouth 4th TME Symposium”.

We would be happy to register your interest to take part and to
provide you further information as required.
Many thanks.

Kind regards,

Mr Jim Khan
Colorectal Consultant
Queen Alexandra Hospital
NHS Portsmouth