4th session of the International Bordeaux Colorectal Masterclass

Dear Zoran,


The Pelvicare Project has organised a few weeks ago the 4th session of the International Bordeaux Colorectal Masterclass. It was a real success thanks to our 20 experts who have shared their knowledge and experience with 40 trainees, covering topics in medical and technical innovation for colorectal cancer, benign diseases and pelvic floor disorders.


It’s such a pleasure to announce that the next sessions of the masterclass are now open for registration! 

Prof. Quentin Denost and myself will be holding two five-day sessions in 2020 : on March 16 to 20, and on October 12 to 16, at Haut-Lévêque Hospital, in Bordeaux, France.


All pathologies will be transversally covered : 2 days will be dedicated to Colon & Rectal cancer, 2 days to IBD & Pelvic Floor , 12 live surgeries will be organised, and we will present the best medical-surgical strategies to understand the holistic management of the disease.


If you know any surgeons who might be interested in this course, I’d be grateful if you could forward them this message and the link below


Kind regards.

Prof. Eric Rullier


Zoran V. Krivokapic, MD


Professor of Surgery

Member of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Head of Dep. for Colorectal Surgery