2nd International Symposium of coloproctology

Second International Symposium of coloproctology took place in Sava Center, Belgrade on 26th-27th October 2000. The Congress was participated by over 500 attendants both domestic and from abroad.


Name of the symposium: Second Symposium of Coloproctology of Yugoslavia with International Participation
Date: 26-27 October, 2000
Place: Sava Center, Belgrade
Number of lecturers: 17
Number of foreign lecturers: 8
Number of participants: 564
Number of participating countries: 10
List of lecturers: Gérard Chapault
Ginevra Guanti
Indru Khubchandani
John Nicholls
Michael Keighley
Bill Heald
Takashi Takahashi
Tomas Skricka